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R2 is a product development and consulting firm that specializes in designing, developing, and maintaining custom web and mobile applications, with a particular emphasis on partnering with startups to help bring minimum viable products to market. A key part of R2’s mission is to give back to underserved communities through technological innovation focused on positive impact.

Our Founders

Brian & Aswin have more than twenty years of combined experience with product management, product marketing, architecting & developing software solutions to global clients. From SMEs to large Fortune 100 companies, they have developed cutting-edge applications that not only add value but delight their customers. As certified cloud and agile experts, they have helped their clients undergo digital transformation and effectively optimize their operational infrastructure. Their MS and MBA education highlights their technical and business credentials that are important when bringing an innovative idea to the market by uncovering market inefficiencies and devising go-to-market strategies.

Brian Ritter13 years

Brian Ritter

MBA from CSU

Brian's Experience
Product Innovation
Product Marketing

LEAN & Agile
Lean Principles
  • We identify your value (and your customer's) and focus the development process around those goals and vision.
  • We conduct surveys with user groups and generate reports on the findings to help understand the value proposition from a statistical point of view.
  • We identify any overheads and bottlenecks (cost, schedule, risks) that impact the current process in delivering this vision and eliminate them.
  • We create the value flow from you (and your customers) as demands that drive the process and we ensure that they dictate the scope of work for the team (and not the other way round).
  • We empower the team (ours, yours and whoever is involved in the process of adding value) by involving them closely in the process, so they can identify any issues.
  • Finally, we try to understand success or the impact of this process (through statistical and data driven methods) and continually strive for improvement
Agile Methodology
  • We adopt an agile methodology as part of our software development life-cycle (SDLC) process
  • We develop features in smaller increments making sure the product comes together based on your needs
  • We take your feedback continuously and ensure we incorporate it into our SDLC during the next iteration
  • We understand software development can be complex and things change. This is why our teams develop modular features in smaller increments so no change is too much
  • We include you and your technology team(s) as part of our SDLC to ensure they're never left in the dark and have a constant channel for communication
  • Finally, we ensure our "definition of done" involves features that not only meet your bare minimum requirements, but delight you and your customers

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